By 2025, the demand for computer scientists will outpace the supply. Since the technological explosion is showing no signs of slowing down, maybe gender equality is the answer? There is an untapped pool of science, technology, engineering and mathematics talent (STEM), from young girls studying engineering to esteemed professionals trying to get their voices heard. The lack of funding, opportunity and visibility for these women could hold the industry back. Currently, in the US, less than a quarter of STEM workers are female. But that figure is far from unique, with only 30% of the world’s researchers being female. …

COVID-19 restrictions have had a devastating impact on the events industry. With 87% of event marketers saying they have had to cancel and 66% postpone their events because of COVID-19 (Event Marketer, 2020), it comes as no surprise that the events industry is struggling. Shifting events to a virtual model has been a lifeline for many companies, keeping the industry afloat and enabling businesses to support their employees through webinars and virtual conferences.

To gain some first-hand industry insight into virtual events, I interviewed three celebrity keynote speakers who have continued speaking at virtual events throughout the pandemic.

What is your opinion on virtual events?

Ken Segall…

Workplace environments have changed dramatically over the past few months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many still working remotely, Coronavirus has highlighted the importance of leadership within businesses to manage employees successfully during these challenging times. Maintaining employee motivation to help them remain goal focused, whilst also providing support and guidance to ensure emotional wellbeing, has become vital to overpass the geographical challenges faced by working from home. With remote managers reportedly finding it almost twice as hard to hit team goals when compared to onsite managers (22% vs. …

Kriss’ positive energy is contagious!

Diversity and inclusion have been important topics of 2020, with the global pandemic highlighting many of societies’ imbalances and misrepresentations of minority ethnic groups. As a result, businessowners have become more conscious of their decisions regarding diversity and inclusion in their workplace.

Kriss Akabusi MBE plays an important role in the workplace diversity conversation. Now working as a motivational speaker, the three-time Olympic medalist uses his expert knowledge of leadership, teamwork and peak performance to educate and inspire his mainly corporate audiences. Speaking with Kriss, I took the opportunity to ask:

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you and why are they important?

“When it comes to diversity and inclusion, I do…

There are many ways to book a speaker but by far the most efficient way is through a speakers bureau.

You’re deep into the event planning process, a time-consuming task, the last thing you need is the added stress faffing about trying to find a speaker that not only matches your events’ objectives but is within budget. So, a speakers bureau is for those of you who like to work smarter, not harder (like me!).

I have been working at a speakers bureau for a few weeks now and, although you may think I am bias, I wanted to share…

Otherwise known as emotional quotient, EQ or EI, emotional intelligence is the practice of understanding our feelings to better communicate, relieve stress and defuse conflict. According to the Future Of Jobs Report, investigated by the World Economic Forum in 2018, EQ is one of the growing workplace skills that will be essential by 2022.

Having the skills to self regulate your impulses and achieve intrinsical motivation, are traits desired by more and more business owners, especially within stressful industries that rely on fast-paced decisions. …

The key to a successful business is a strong leader. If there is no leadership, then there is no structure, and this can be detrimental to the success of a business. High achieving individuals are often leadership experts, as their unique skillset sets them apart from the rest. Their role as a leader rather than a follower enables them to take control of their own lives, whilst successfully guiding others. Leadership is an important skill and, fortunately, this skill can be taught through leadership programmes.

So, what are leadership programmes?

A leadership programme is a course done through classroom-style teaching to help individuals develop and…

Sophie Wheeldon

Studying BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University. Currently working as a Celebrity PR Content Creator on my placement year.

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